(too old to reply)
2004-12-06 18:38:05 UTC
Anyone notice the number of phishing spams goes up the closer we get to
the holiday season?
SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-06 19:22:06 UTC
Post by n***@proofpoint.com
Anyone notice the number of phishing spams goes up the closer we get to
the holiday season?



"You started all of this... none of this would have been
necessary if you'd simply admitted to making mistakes and
errors in judgment. And it's not going to end until you do
admit to making those mistakes, and apologize for them."

Darren Glen Brothers, resident NANAE kook, playing netcop, net judge
and net jury, and sentencing *all* of NANAE to endless stalking and
kook rants. :(
2004-12-06 19:44:58 UTC
Do you mean like the one I recently received from a bank (where I don't have
an account) that read:

"It is necessary that this form be completed immediately...."

Fortunately, the imperative in English is tricky and its use or misuse is a

(It reminds me of the self serving bit from est that started: "What you
need to do is....")


"SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu"
Post by SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
Post by n***@proofpoint.com
Anyone notice the number of phishing spams goes up the closer we get
Post by n***@proofpoint.com
the holiday season?
"You started all of this... none of this would have been
necessary if you'd simply admitted to making mistakes and
errors in judgment. And it's not going to end until you do
admit to making those mistakes, and apologize for them."
Darren Glen Brothers, resident NANAE kook, playing netcop, net judge
and net jury, and sentencing *all* of NANAE to endless stalking and
kook rants. :(
Spam Reporting
2004-12-06 20:08:57 UTC
"SuN 'whining about being required to tell the truth' Tsu"
<bananananae[at]_ spamblocked.com> whined in message news:***@c13g2000cwb.googlegroups.com...

Morphing and hijacking threads again, Sun Fool? Does your scumbaggery know
no bounds?

Changing your From: so it brings up the person you're fighting with, then
posting to multitudes of different threads is still hijacking threads,

It's very simple, explain your spam-friendly actions, Sun Tsu, and this all
goes away...

Have you forgotten already what you've done? Here's a refresher:
1) Made false accusations of spamming against an innocent person

2) Attacked others questioning those false accusations.

3) Manufactured evidence to support your false accusations.

4) Attacked others questioning your manufactured evidence.

5) Harassed said falsely accused person to get them leave NANAE so your
false accusations would no longer be scrutinized.

6) Stalked said falsely accused person to other threads and other
newsgroups and attacked, again in an attempt to get said falsely accused
person to leave NANAE so your false accusations would no longer be

7) Posted said falsely accused person's email addresses in the clear in an
*admitted* attempt at causing their spam receival rate to increase, again
in an attempt at intimidating said falsely accused person into leaving
NANAE so your false accusations would no longer be scrutinized.

8) Posted said falsely accused person's name, address, telephone numbers,
and photograph to NANAE, again in an attempt at intimidating said falsely
accused person into leaving NANAE so your false accusations would no longer
be scrutinized.

9) Tried to make everyone believe that you'd done none of the above, when
your own posts clearly show your malevolence and sleaziness.

10) Morphing and hijacking threads in order to try to make said falsely
accused person look bad to as many in NANAE as possible.

Need links to all that? Check the links in my sig.

Explain your actions, Sun Tsu... you falsely accused me of being a spammer,
you manufactured evidence which was soundly refuted by the group, and you
claimed you had other evidence in your possession which you have failed to
produce after 4 months, despite several asking that you post it.

It's time to put up or shut up, Sun Tsu... post the evidence you claim
you've got against me, or retract your false accusations and apologize for
your sleazy behavior. If you do neither, you'll continue to be seen as the
lying scumbag low-life that you have proven yourself to be.
When will Sun Tsu apologize for his false accusations?
NANAE newbies: For your own protection you should kill-file Sun Tsu.
(You'll have to kill-file him four times, he's posting with four email
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2004-12-09 09:43:53 UTC
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2004-12-09 07:42:01 UTC
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2004-12-09 09:32:09 UTC
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2004-12-09 10:00:37 UTC
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2004-12-10 13:34:07 UTC
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SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-06 20:04:24 UTC
Post by n***@proofpoint.com
Anyone notice the number of phishing spams goes up the closer we get to
the holiday season?



"You started all of this... none of this would have been
necessary if you'd simply admitted to making mistakes and
errors in judgment. And it's not going to end until you do
admit to making those mistakes, and apologize for them."

Darren Glen Brothers, resident NANAE kook, playing netcop, net judge
and net jury, and sentencing *all* of NANAE to endless stalking and
kook rants. :(
2004-12-06 21:11:55 UTC
Post by n***@proofpoint.com
Anyone notice the number of phishing spams goes up the closer we get to
the holiday season?
As they just keep going up I think you'll find they keep going up the
farther we get from the holiday season after 1/1/2005.
"Richter points to the lack of legal action against his company as proof
that he's operating appropriately."
Information Week, November 10, 2003
2004-12-07 04:00:07 UTC
Post by McWebber
Post by n***@proofpoint.com
Anyone notice the number of phishing spams goes up the closer we get to
the holiday season?
As they just keep going up I think you'll find they keep going up the
farther we get from the holiday season after 1/1/2005.
We call that ice phishing.
2004-12-09 10:33:39 UTC
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2004-12-10 14:52:32 UTC
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Ronald D. Edge
2004-12-07 11:53:25 UTC
Post by n***@proofpoint.com
Anyone notice the number of phishing spams goes up the closer we get to
the holiday season?

"Veterans Day may have been a holiday for many U.S. companies, including banks
and other financial institutions, but for Internet fraudsters it was one of the
most productive days of the year."

All content of this post == my personal, subjective, jaded opinion.
Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-07 16:46:00 UTC
Post by Ronald D. Edge
Post by n***@proofpoint.com
Anyone notice the number of phishing spams goes up the closer we get to
the holiday season?
"Veterans Day may have been a holiday for many U.S. companies, including banks
and other financial institutions, but for Internet fraudsters it was one of the
most productive days of the year."
I would imagine that all sorts of crimes increase around the holidays,
particularly crimes against property. People want to give friends and
families gifts, even if they can't afford to. Why should criminals be
any different?
Kevin S. Wilson
Tech Writer at a university somewhere in Idaho
"When you can't do something completely impractical and intrinsically
useless *yourself*, you go get the Kibologists to do it for you." --J. Furr
SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-07 19:41:26 UTC
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
I would imagine that all sorts of crimes increase around the
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
particularly crimes against property. People want to give friends and
families gifts, even if they can't afford to. Why should criminals be
any different?
Thieves don't pay for the gifts that they give their family and
friends. We do.



*not* posting from, "You not from Joyzee, ah not from Joyzee neither!
What exit you not near, huh?"

"Considering that Sun Fool is the only one malicious
enough to try to trick us into looking like fools by
signing up a fraudulent client, I wanted to see if
he's in the NJ area."

-Darren Brothers, doing what he does best in NANAE
chasing shadows and stalking ...
Norman L. DeForest
2004-12-08 01:14:39 UTC
On 7 Dec 2004, SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu wrote:

Please lose the perjorative in your "handle". Whether the statement is
right or wrong, you have already made your point (over and over and over
and...) and hving that in your handle makes you look like a kook
deliberately setting out to provoke an[other] argument.
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
I would imagine that all sorts of crimes increase around the
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
particularly crimes against property. People want to give friends and
families gifts, even if they can't afford to. Why should criminals be
any different?
Thieves don't pay for the gifts that they give their family and
friends. We do.
If thieves don't pay for anything, why do they need to steal money?
Norman De Forest http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~af380/Profile.html
***@chebucto.ns.ca [=||=] (A Speech Friendly Site)
"O'Reilly is to a system administrator as a shoulder length latex glove
is to a veterinarian." -- Peter da Silva in the scary devil monastery
2004-12-08 01:53:20 UTC
Post by Norman L. DeForest
Please lose the perjorative in your "handle". Whether the statement is
right or wrong, you have already made your point (over and over and over
and...) and hving that in your handle makes you look like a kook
deliberately setting out to provoke an[other] argument.
That won't stop him. :(

Made the point, yes. Stopped him, no. But if leaving it there is what
it takes to get him to stop soon, then that's what it takes. Thus far
you have been unsuccessful in stopping him yourself with anything you
have either said or done.

Hmm, looking like a kook in your eyes verses stopping the abuse of
NANAE by the kook, Darren Brothers. You do the math, Norman, it's a no

If you want to stop sparky, report his abuse to prodigy.net. You've
read glgxg's post and you've been reading Brothers' rants. Stop
whining, get off your arse and actually do something constructive about
his abuse rather than simply offering your _opinion. Why do you think
Mac Dufour lost his connection with Sympatico.ca?

If you are still that concerned, take it to email and you'll most
likely learn what the reason is that you really seek.

No Darren Brothers post has been responded to in a week, at whose
request? One step at a time, Norman, and don't forget the rampage he
went on in the last few days posting the exact article *how* many
times, 5, 6, 7, 8? And hijacking how many threads? That's usenet
abuse and it need to be stopped. He has crossed the line and gone too

Just be patient, Norman, "juuust" be patient. He'll have no choice but
to stop soon. What you fail to understand is that nothing done on this
end as you suggest will make any difference to him. It may require a
third party to *force* him to stop. He won't do it on his own. If
you truly wish this to end, perhaps you should report his usenet abuse
to Prodigy.

Think about how much rope he has taken thus far and then you will begin
to understand. He can't stop. He'll self-destruct soon. :(
Post by Norman L. DeForest
Post by SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
Thieves don't pay for the gifts that they give their family and
friends. We do.
If thieves don't pay for anything, why do they need to steal money?
They don't *pay* for it, do they? They *steal* it, and who pays the
cost for their theft? We do!

Do you honestly believe that using *stolen* money to purchase an item
constitutes "paying" for it, do you?



"You started all of this... none of this would have been
necessary if you'd simply admitted to making mistakes and
errors in judgment. And it's not going to end until you do
admit to making those mistakes, and apologize for them."

-Darren Glen Brothers, resident NANAE kook, playing netcop,
net judge and net jury and sentencing NANAE to a lifetime
of stalking and kook rants. :(

The Crime: debunking his false accusations about whom he
believes is harassing him whilst Spammy continues
to push his buttons to make/watch him go "whiirrr"
in retaliation for his abusive use of SpamVampire
Spam Reporting
2004-12-08 05:18:53 UTC
Post by b***@blockedby.us
If you want to stop sparky, report his abuse to prodigy.net.
Stop whining, get off your arse and actually do something
constructive about his abuse rather than simply offering
your _opinion.
Yes, Norman, please do... and while you're at it, don't forget to report
the whole story, and don't forget to report to AOL all the abuse
perpetrated by Sun Tsu (the original aggressor in this situation, as can
easily be seen in the first link in my sig. He attacked me without
provocation and made false accusations against me with falsified
information. I don't even think I'd ever responded to one of his posts
before his attack on 06Aug04). Let's get this all out into the open...
let's let the ISPs decide... and then we'll see who loses their internet
When will Sun Tsu apologize for his false accusations?
NANAE newbies: For your own protection you should kill-file Sun Tsu.
(You'll have to kill-file him four times, he's posting with four email
Roger That
2004-12-09 00:59:19 UTC
Stop whining, get off your arse and actually do something constructive
about his abuse rather than simply offering your _opinion.
only one whining is u he was just making a statement
Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-09 17:09:00 UTC
On Tue, 7 Dec 2004 21:14:39 -0400, "Norman L. DeForest"
Post by Norman L. DeForest
Please lose the perjorative in your "handle". Whether the statement is
right or wrong, you have already made your point (over and over and over
and...) and hving that in your handle makes you look like a kook
deliberately setting out to provoke an[other] argument.
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
I would imagine that all sorts of crimes increase around the
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
particularly crimes against property. People want to give friends and
families gifts, even if they can't afford to. Why should criminals be
any different?
Thieves don't pay for the gifts that they give their family and
friends. We do.
If thieves don't pay for anything, why do they need to steal money?
I see another reason why plonking that particular moron was a good
idea. He don't read so good.
Kevin S. Wilson
Tech Writer at a university somewhere in Idaho
"When you can't do something completely impractical and intrinsically
useless *yourself*, you go get the Kibologists to do it for you." --J. Furr
2004-12-09 17:37:56 UTC
Post by Norman L. DeForest
Please lose the perjorative in your "handle". Whether the statement is
right or wrong, you have already made your point (over and over and over
and...) and hving that in your handle makes you look like a kook
deliberately setting out to provoke an[other] argument.
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
I would imagine that all sorts of crimes increase around the
Post by Kevin S. Wilson
particularly crimes against property. People want to give friends and
families gifts, even if they can't afford to. Why should criminals be
any different?
Thieves don't pay for the gifts that they give their family and
friends. We do.
If thieves don't pay for anything, why do they need to steal money?
Bus fare. Well, unless you steal a bus. Then you don't need it.
NetworkElf: Super Genius, Computer Guy, Harley Owner!
Blindly serving the covert purposes of the
criminal-minded maniac behind Spews since 2003.
2004-12-09 09:05:25 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:44:19 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:44:27 UTC
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2004-12-10 13:12:58 UTC
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Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-09 11:44:45 UTC
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Norman L. DeForest
2004-12-10 13:23:10 UTC
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2004-12-10 17:14:27 UTC
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Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-09 19:19:47 UTC
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Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-09 19:20:05 UTC
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Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-09 19:20:12 UTC
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Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-09 19:20:13 UTC
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Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-09 19:20:19 UTC
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Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-10 15:47:34 UTC
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Kevin S. Wilson
2004-12-10 18:23:56 UTC
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Norman L. DeForest
2004-12-09 19:44:23 UTC
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Norman L. DeForest
2004-12-09 19:44:54 UTC
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Norman L. DeForest
2004-12-09 19:45:18 UTC
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Ronald D. Edge
2004-12-09 09:40:53 UTC
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2004-12-09 10:45:59 UTC
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SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-09 09:30:56 UTC
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SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-09 10:45:53 UTC
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2004-12-09 07:39:22 UTC
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2004-12-09 09:03:35 UTC
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SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-09 08:30:31 UTC
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SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-09 09:31:28 UTC
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2004-12-09 09:32:15 UTC
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Ronald D. Edge
2004-12-09 10:11:42 UTC
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Ronald D. Edge
2004-12-09 12:23:07 UTC
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2004-12-09 11:21:29 UTC
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SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-09 12:13:26 UTC
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SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-10 14:05:19 UTC
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2004-12-09 10:49:21 UTC
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2004-12-09 11:52:51 UTC
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SuN Being Stalked Daily by Darren Brothers Tsu
2004-12-09 12:26:53 UTC
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2004-12-10 14:06:51 UTC
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2004-12-09 11:58:19 UTC
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Ronald D. Edge
2004-12-09 12:54:17 UTC
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