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2004-12-02 05:16:07 UTC
them ruthlessly: without letting us vote on it.

Never before could someone walk up to you and number you by scanning
your fingerprints. A number that is yours and yours alone.

You have been numbered for all time.

No ID card needed once portable fingerprint scanners are deployed all over!

If the government suddenly ordered all citizens to be numbered with an
indelible invisible ink on their arms so they were permanently numbered;
so law enforcement could scan them at will: there would be a revolt.

Yet that is what is happening.

Fingerprints, scanned into a computer, are a number.

The number is inescapably yours.

Modern technology means they don't have to put the number on you, they can
read it off of you by minutely examining your body.

And: it is the NSA driving the fingerprint-rollout of the national ID card.

# "The Body As Password", By Ann Davis, Wired Magazine, July 1997
# Currently housed at the National Security Agency, a working group of
# federal bureaucrats founded the Biometric Consortium in the early 1990s.
# Its 1995 charter promises to "promote the science and performance of
# biometrics for the government."
# Consortium mumbers include state welfare agencies, driver's license
# bureaus, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Social Security
# Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service.

If my attempts to show how bad a thing this is have been too rambling,
too abstract, here is a simple and accurate analogy:

* "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5
* It was Martin Anderson who, in his book, Revolution, revealed that during
* the Reagan
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2004-12-02 04:35:49 UTC
o Killing the CALEA legislation, which orders all communications
equipment be DESIGNED so the Government can spy on it.

o Dismantling domestic ECHELON, the Government listening in on our
domestic phone calls.

o A Cabinet-level U.S. Privacy Commission, with teeth.


The "average" American has no idea why cryptography is important to them.

It is the only way to begin preventing massive illegal domestic spying.

Currently, there are no restrictions on domestic use of unlimited strength
cryptography. That is not because the Government hasn't complained about
child pornographers or terrorists or other criminals who might use it.

No, that's the reason they are giving for why U.S. companies can't EXPORT
products, such as web browsers, outside U.S. territory, without compromising
it with Government "Key Recovery"; i.e. made stupider and breakable.

Why such an indirect control on what they claim is a domestic problem?

Because that is how 'The Creeping Police State' works.

Slowly, bit-by-bit.

Slowly, State-by-State everyone in the U.S. is being fingerprinted.

The FBI is now advocating biometric capture of all newborns too.

This is an interesting manifesto, please take the time to read it.

Cryptography can be used to keep private: Internet traffic, such as email,
and telephone conversations (PGP phone). A version of PGP phone that looks
and works like a normal telephone --- but can't be spied upon --- would
eventually become wide-spread.

It begins to change the mind-set that the Police State is inevitable.


Major references...

In the last several years intelligence operatives, specifically including
SIGINT (signal intelligence) people,
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 05:31:01 UTC
position tracking monitor on your car.

o All your international calls now have a buddy listening in.

o most domestic calls are monitored; millions and millions...

o The police begin deploying Military technology to scan you as they drive
by in their police cars. Military tanks used by the FBI.
Military aircraft purchased by the BATF.

o Billions and billions and billions of dollars are diverted
from children and needy people to pay for it all.

o CALEA: all national infrastructure equipment must be designed
from the ground-up to be spied on by the government.

o Forfeiture laws mean:

- Federal and state officials now have the power to seize your
business, home, bank account, records and personal property,
all without indictment, hearing, or trial.

- Everything you have can be taken away at the whim of one or two
federal or state officials operating in secret

- The loss of basic American constitutional guarantees: due process,
the presumption of innocence, and the right to own and enjoy
private property

Imagine all that happened on one day.

What do you think
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2004-12-02 06:24:52 UTC
Phone Monitoring
o Cybernetic Control of Society
o Conclusions


Louis Freeh
----- -----

Louis Freeh is accomplishing something that real
terrorists themselves could never have accomplished.

Destruction of the American Way of Life.

Freedom, Liberty.

It is as if freedom terrorists were in charge of our government.

* "The End of Ordinary Money, Part I", by J. Orlin Grabbe
* http://www.aci.net/kalliste
* The GSA opposed CALEA [FBI code name: "Operation Root Canal"], stating
* "the proposed bill would have to have the FCC or other agency approve or
* reject equipment mainly on the basis of whether the FBI had the capacity
* to wiretap it. The GSA further stated this would weaken security." [40]

The FBI and Military are EXEMPT from any Key Recovery crypto requirements,

CALEA even directs cable TV companies to restructur
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 03:59:58 UTC
tip about a possible
threat, and not an anonymous hoax threat?

The American people are not the only ones the NSA/FBI lie to...

Notice how secrecy keeps playing a major part in all this...June 28, 1996,
NYT, "Lawmaker Tells of High Cost of Keeping Secret Data Secret", the House
intelligence committee said, not even including the CIA, the U.S. spends
FIVE POINT SIX BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR (twice the annual combined budgets of
the FBI and DEA) on "a document classification system stuck on autopilot,
indiscriminately stamping 'Top Secret' on thousands of documents every year."

ECHELON generates 90% of those documents. Machines.

5/24/1992 The Washington Post Parade Magazine:
The Pentagon even labelled as not only SECRET but NOFORN---which means
they cannot even be shared with our allies---anti-American cartoons that
ran in IRAQI newspapers, even more than a year later [when or if they ever
declassified them I don't know]. One typically ludicrous cartoon depicts
drunken GIs lounging in the Saudi sand with shapely U.S. servicewomen
dressed in unusual military attire: bras, shorts and high heels.

NOFORN level security for IRAQI cartoons. Clueless autopilot secrecy.

The ultimate in bureaucratic capture:

# "Failures of Leadership on Land Mines", NYT editorial, 6/21/97
# Land mines are responsible for killing 10,000 people worldwide each year,
# most of them innocent civilians, including children.
# Nev
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 05:49:46 UTC
* FBI officials refuse to discuss, even in the most general way, the
* operations of these clandestine hit squads.
* Use of break-ins has increased six-fold in the last several years.
* Furthermore, the FBI has blamed the security industry for making locks
* and alarms more difficult to defeat.
* That was the central justification offered by the FBI when a couple of
* years ago it asked the White House for $27 million in public funds to
* pay the engineering whizzes at the Sandia and Los Alamos National
* Laboratories and several other government research facilities to develop
* ways to defeat "any locking system whether it be mechanical or electronic,
* or computer supplemented."
* The FBI's Rapid Prototyping Facility (RPF) is a laboratory and factory
* dedicated to the design and manufacture of "unique miniaturized devices in
* direct support of various investigative efforts" of the "FBI and other
* members of the U.S. law enforcement community."
* Operated jointly by the FBI and the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research
* Projects Agency (DARPA, creators of the Internet), the FBI facility was
* created to allow the bureau "to use computer-aided design, engineering
* and manufacturing of tools and equipment (software and firmware
* respectively) to design, simulate, and fabricate integrated circuits,
* printed circuit boards, electronic components, packages, systems and
* concealments in a quick turnaround cost-effective manner."
* Among the facilities advantages are speed "through the use of laser
* restructuring, high-density interconnect, and reverse milling capability,"
* and a capability "to produce an integrated microp
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 06:12:10 UTC
communities, our
* rural roads, and interstates, as the need warrants...
* The vehicles of the future, whether cars, planes, or trains, will have
* state-of-the-art communications systems. We must ensure that our roads
* and highways and transit systems are able to keep pace with them.
* Today, I'm announcing the award of five contracts to standards development
* organizations to begin fast tracking the development of those standards.
* They are: AASHTO, IEEE, ITE, ASTM, and SAE. [So the standards of hardware
* and information are interchangeable and global.]


# Subject: ---> Big Bro and the Intelligent Transportation System <---
# From: ***@spies.com (Extremely Right)
# Date: 1997/06/03
# If you live in a big city you will find that there is an interesting
# proliferation of cameras pointed at the freeway. Do you know what they
# are, what they can do, and what is their potential for abuse?
# The System is called the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and you
# may find it everywhere on the net. The cameras are linked to a city
# control room, who are supposed to use them to improve traffic
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 03:26:53 UTC
By Steven Wishnia, High Times Magazine, July 1997
# No federal action is planned to end the ban on federal funding for needle
# exchange programs by the Clinton Administration, despite mounting scienti-
# fic evidence that shooting up with unclean needles is the second most
# common risk behavior (40%) for HIV infection.
# It is a very cost-effective way of saving lives.
# SIX federally funded studies done between 1991 to 1995 concluded that
# needle exchange programs reduce HIV transmission and do not encourage
# drug use.
# Someone who spoke with Senator Arlene Spector said that "Noone's willing
# to take the political step."
# Instead, the biggest federal funding for AIDS prevention in 1996 went to
# programs urging teenagers to abstain from sex ["have sex outside marriage
# and you could DIE"].
# The National Institute of Health concluded: "The behavior placing the
# public health at greatest risk may be occurring in legislative and other
# decision making bodies. Millions of unnecessary deaths will occur as a
# result."
# The Surgeon General has the power to revoke the ban unilaterally.

Ever see the full page ad showing a group of sweet kids,
asking you to spot which one will become the drug pusher?

That's how the government views us little people: all are potentially guilty.

The government hysteria over drugs has led to students being suspended
for having Advil, under school Zero Tolerance for drugs policy.

Reefer madness leads to Advil insanity.

It is a "gateway" madness. ;-)

No wonder kids don't respect the government's anti-drug cru
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 05:51:21 UTC
It's the 1990s now.

The harassment was publicized by 2600, and a reporter talked to the head
of the mall's security: he let slip that the Secret Service ordered them
to harass 2600's lawful peaceful public meeting.

That was definitely news.

The mall security manager then denied what he said about Secret Service
ordering the harassment: luckily the reporter recorded his conversation.

CPSR [Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility] and Marc Rotenberg
of EPIC [Electronic Privacy Information Center] began FOIA [U.S. Freedom
of Information Act] proceedings to find out about this incident.

The case raises significant issues of freedom of speech and assembly,
privacy and government accountability.

In response to an FOIA asking why this happened, the Secret Service
responded: "We are sure no one knows why we had the meeting disrupted".

They have made a mockery of FOIA.

This mockery of FOIA is still being litigated by EPIC.

An intentional illegal government surveillance program...it just never stops.

Marc Rotenberg has gotten the Secret Service to admit in court that this was
done to "investigate hacking into a company's telephone switch."

Since when did the "investigative" techniques used by the Secret Service
become valid for use in the United States? Going up to a bunch of mall
patrons and DEMANDING IDENTIFICATION from them and searching them?

How exactly was this supposed to further investigate a switch hacking?

For extended details of this governmental persecution of the politically
incorrect, see http://www.2600.com.

Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 05:25:09 UTC
to their jersey. This
* provides their coordinates during each event and can be used for the
* timing of races.
* Widespread use among sports figures could go a long
* way toward popularizing the chip among the young.
* According to microchip researcher Terry Cook, U.S. military recruits are
* also being introduced to the bracelet, just as Marine recruits at Parris
* Island helped test the military's Smartcard prototype.
* Eagle Eye Technologies of Herndon, Virginia is marketing a microchip
* embedded in a sportswatch to be worn by Alzheimer patients who have a
* tendency to wander. When the patient strays from home, Eagle Eye calls up
* an orbiting satellite, which "interrogates" the patient's microchip to
* determine the patient's position to within the length of a football field.
* Sounds protective? Relevance recognizes the bonafide use of this
* technology but we continue to harbor reservations about its potential for
* abuse.
* Notably, Eagle Eye Technologies received its initial funding
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 04:35:05 UTC
regarding the Internet (a public wire)
traffic of Salomon Brothers, which is monitored for security/compliance.


This report should be taken as a complaint that insufficient procedures
have been put in place to ensure current and new Salomon personnel are
made aware of the security issues of Internet transmissions for network
device configuration files. Suggest wide-spread distribution of a memo
concerning the problem. Perhaps place "no-Internet-transmission" comments
in all network config files. Standard warning issued to all new networkers.

Three transmissions of live passwords to three different Salomon routers
have been sent in cleartext over the Internet by Rock Transves nnn-nnnn
of Internet Client Services:


Rock Transves 6/27/96 09:37 bc7f7w40 [global] bs345way
[and again on] 6/26/96 16:10 con 0 bs345way
aux 0 bs345way
vty 0 qwerty0

Rock Transves 6/18/96 11:27 ard7w35 [glo
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 06:36:38 UTC
- Two cable channels dedicated to broadcasting both houses of
Congress and other U.S. governmental functions.

DEA - U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
DIA - U.S. Pentagon Defense Intelligence Agency
DIA - U.S. Drug Interdiction Agency (older)

FBI - U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation

BATF - U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

UKUSA - pronounced 'you-koo-za' - a secret wartime treaty that says
member nations can spy on each others population without
warrants or limits, and that this can be shared with the
spied-on country's SIGINT agency.

PGP - Free and unbreakable encryption, available world-wide.

CISPES - Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador

"Ultra-secret" agencies:

NSA - U.S. National Security Agency

GCHQ - British Government Communications Headquarters

CSE - Canada's Communications Security Establishment

DSD - Australian Defense Signals Directorate

GCSB - New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau



Using mainly publicly available materi
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 05:42:00 UTC
* refused to take research money from the Pentagon because he was
* convinced it would corrupt his research and undermine his independence.

When Stafford Beer monitored factories and banks to give the government
the necessary tools to govern the economy effectively, he chose to
monitor national infrastructure of the industrial variety.

However, even he knows what can happen
with cybernetic control in the wrong hands:

* "Brain of the Firm", Stafford Beer, 1986, ISBN 0 471 27687 1
* If Project Cybersyn were altered, and the tools used are not the
* tools we made, they could become instruments of oppression.

Unlike Stafford Beer, the NSA and FBI have been moving to monitor not
only our bank transactions, but also telephone, fax, Internet, telex
communications of all people and businesses and with CALEA want that
capability given to them at the design stage.

Cybernetic-level monitoring of our electronic systems.

What are they trying to control?

What are they trying to exert MAXIMUM CYBERNETIC CONTROL over?

It is INSANE to design our systems for government monitoring.

It is a MASSIVE cybernetic operation, astounding in its scope.
They (obviously) are attempting to do this world-wide too.
It is a true cybernetic Beast, out of control and about to
devour the world.

In '1984', the ubiquitous 'telescreen' monitored everyone in their homes.

As I have demonstrated --- as if you needed me to tell you --- our phone
conversations are too private, too personal to be monitored in a dragnet
fashion. You find out everything about someone: who their friends are,
what their opinion is on a wide range of matters, whether and who they
are having sex with, the full range of somone's activities and emotions.

The telescreen in everyone's home: the telephone.

* Main Justice, by Jim McGee and Brian Duffy, 1996, ISBN 0-684-81135-9
* The FBI had been spying on members of the civil rights movement.
* There had been burglaries and i
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 09:02:53 UTC
in the world.
* Not limited by any law, and answerable only to the U.S. National Security
* Council through COMSEC, the NSA now controls an information and
* surveillance network around the globe that even Orwell, in his novel
* "1984", could not have imagined.
* Most people believe that the current "computer age" grew out of either
* the space program or the nuclear weapons race; it did not.
* ALL significant advances in computer technology over the last thirty
* years, from the very beginnings of IBM, through to the super computers
* of today, have been for the NSA. In fact, the world's very first super
* computer, the awe-inspiring CRAY, was built to specification for the
* NSA, and installed in their headquarters in 1976.
* The entire twentieth century of development of computer technology has
* been the result of the NSA's unquenchable thirst for ever bigger, ever
* faster machines on which to collect, collate, and cross-reference data
* on hundreds of millions of honest, law-abiding, and totally unsuspecting
* individuals. And not only in America, but in many other countries as
* well. Including, as we shall see, Australia.

"The Rise of the Computer State", David Burnham, 1984

p134: ...the technical advances that were occurring did so not entirely
by c
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 07:42:08 UTC
a tree.

* "1984", author George Orwell, 1949, ISBN 0-679-41739-7
* There was a gasp and thump behind Winston, and he received a violent
* kick on the ankle which nearly flung him off balance.
* One of the men had smashed his fist into Julia's solar plexus,
* doubling her up like a pocket ruler. She was thrashing about
* on the floor, fighting for breath.
* Winston dared not turn his head by even a millimeter, but sometimes her
* livid, gasping face came within the angle of his vision.

: The BATF agent slammed Kimberly Katona, then several months pregnant,
: against the wall so hard she began bleeding. She soon miscarried.
: Did BATF apologize to this family? No. Instead, BATF pressed
: criminal charges. A judge threw the charges out of court.

I'm sure the BATF agent had a good reason for violently shoving Ms. Katona:
he thought he saw the fetus pointing a gun at him.

"A kinder, gentler America" --- President George Bush

DoubleThink. We are doing this to protect you.

And the Lamplugh's? They were in the politically incorrect business of
managing gun shows.


Cryptography is the most important tool to come along for privacy in
communications ever; it uses the power of computer software to shield
us from endlessly intrusive government computer monitoring.

These categories of War are the big lie (propaganda technique) used by law
enforcement to discredit any and all privacy concerns. These are the reasons
why we can't use cryptography to give u
Spam Hippo
2004-12-02 07:31:20 UTC
such numbers are depressing. To those outside the law
* enforcement community, it might have seemed an ironic, even heretical
* notion, but to many of the career lawyers and prosecutors inside Main
* Justice it was an article of faith that solving the nation's drug problem
* could not be accomplished by prosecution and jail sentences alone. These
* career people feel the answer is self-evident: Education, rehabilitation
* and improving the grim lot of most of those prone to drug addiction ought
* to become national priorities.
* Said David Margolis, who had supervised the Criminal Division's anti-
* narcotics efforts in the early 1990s: "Anyone who thinks that drug
* enforcement is primarily a law enforcement issue, they're smoking wacky
* tabacky."

Tell all the damn manipulative politicians.

Jail's not even cost effective.

* RAND Study Finds Mandatory Minimums Cost-Ineffective
* ----------------------------------------------------
* Excerpt from RAND Press Release:
* Washington, DC, May 12, 1997 -- If cutting drug consumption and
* drug-related crime are the nation's prime drug control
* objectives, then the mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws
* in force at the federal level and in most states are not the
* way to get there.
* This is the key finding of "Mandatory Minimum Drug
* Sentences: Throwing Away the Key or the Taxpayer's Money?",
* a new RAND study that provides the first quantitative
* analysis of how successful these measures are in achieving
* what Director Barry McCaffrey of the Office of National Drug
* Control Policy has called "our central purpose and mission -
* - reducing illicit drug use and its consequences."

In Florida, they charged a mother with delivering cocaine to her baby.
A problem with this is the mother-addict repeatedly applied for rehab
programs, but there were no available slots. Not enough funding.

Law enforcement drug hysteria. Decade