{OT-legal news} The $67 Million Pants
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2007-05-02 17:13:35 UTC
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal

Chris U
2007-05-02 20:57:59 UTC
On Wed, 02 May 2007 13:13:35 -0400, stinky
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
It's a trend that is spreading too sadly.

Oddly it's often those who aren't short of a bob or two who
are bringing such cases.
2007-05-03 16:15:02 UTC
Post by Chris U
On Wed, 02 May 2007 13:13:35 -0400, stinky
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
It's a trend that is spreading too sadly.
Oddly it's often those who aren't short of a bob or two who
are bringing such cases.
Actually this is a judge that is bringing the case. Go figure.


The cleaners have had to set up a legal defense fund site.
(under construction at this time)

Chris U
2007-05-04 09:13:10 UTC
On Thu, 03 May 2007 12:15:02 -0400, stinky
Post by stinky
Post by Chris U
Oddly it's often those who aren't short of a bob or two who
are bringing such cases.
Actually this is a judge that is bringing the case. Go figure.
The cleaners have had to set up a legal defense fund site.
(under construction at this time)
I wonder if this judge ever severed in Korea. :-)
(Assuming he's old enough of course).
2007-05-04 18:54:14 UTC
On May 4, 2:13 am, Chris U
<***@nojunk.blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
I'm not aware of the "other" side of this case if there is one, but
all I can think of is the Judge is perhaps applying a "wee bit" too
much pressure on the cleaners. I wonder if this would've happened if
they had not been Korean. This could easily backfire into a racially-
motivated issue, which is not a good place for a judge to be.

2007-05-04 19:01:20 UTC
Post by Thane
On May 4, 2:13 am, Chris U
I'm not aware of the "other" side of this case if there is one, but
all I can think of is the Judge is perhaps applying a "wee bit" too
much pressure on the cleaners. I wonder if this would've happened if
they had not been Korean. This could easily backfire into a racially-
motivated issue, which is not a good place for a judge to be.
Actually one needs to find out if the judge thinks a little too highly
of himself.
2007-05-04 19:14:14 UTC
Post by stinky
Actually one needs to find out if the judge thinks a little too highly
of himself.
Nicely put. In fact I heard they all have a superiority complex about
themselves. (Thinks ...Superior Court and it's not the court that's
superior :-)). Judges are just failed politicians, or maybe it's the
other way round.

2007-05-04 21:12:39 UTC
Post by Thane
Post by stinky
Actually one needs to find out if the judge thinks a little too highly
of himself.
Nicely put. In fact I heard they all have a superiority complex about
themselves. (Thinks ...Superior Court and it's not the court that's
superior :-)). Judges are just failed politicians, or maybe it's the
other way round.
The reason I thought of that was when someone posted about the judge in
the e360 case getting mad over his orders not being followed.
Chris U
2007-05-05 19:03:59 UTC
Post by Thane
On May 4, 2:13 am, Chris U
I'm not aware of the "other" side of this case if there is one, but
all I can think of is the Judge is perhaps applying a "wee bit" too
much pressure on the cleaners. I wonder if this would've happened if
they had not been Korean. This could easily backfire into a racially-
motivated issue, which is not a good place for a judge to be.
That was the reason for my comment.

If the facts are as quoted in the news item it makes the
Judge/Lawyer look like a card sharp or con artist.
Chris U
2007-05-10 04:43:28 UTC
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2007-05-10 04:52:49 UTC
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2007-05-10 05:25:28 UTC
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2007-05-10 07:23:31 UTC
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Chris U
2007-05-10 04:12:00 UTC
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Chris U
2007-05-10 05:27:10 UTC
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2007-05-10 05:50:49 UTC
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2007-05-10 06:30:37 UTC
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2007-05-10 05:49:40 UTC
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2007-05-10 08:36:45 UTC
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Chris U
2007-05-10 06:25:24 UTC
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Chris U
2007-05-10 07:57:01 UTC
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2007-05-10 07:42:32 UTC
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2007-05-10 05:54:12 UTC
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2007-05-10 05:49:17 UTC
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2007-05-10 07:14:03 UTC
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2007-05-10 05:46:39 UTC
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2007-05-10 07:14:13 UTC
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2007-05-10 07:44:30 UTC
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2007-05-10 09:12:03 UTC
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Chris U
2007-05-10 06:35:24 UTC
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2007-05-10 06:51:27 UTC
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2007-05-10 09:07:15 UTC
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2007-05-10 06:04:19 UTC
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2007-05-10 09:27:23 UTC
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2007-05-10 08:19:34 UTC
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2007-05-10 06:38:33 UTC
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Chris U
2007-05-10 07:13:00 UTC
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Chris U
2007-05-10 09:39:53 UTC
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Spin Dryer
2007-05-02 21:00:41 UTC
On Wed, 02 May 2007 13:13:35 -0400, [stinky] said :-
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
What a complete load of useless morons there are in the US.

It is pathetic in the extreme.
2007-05-03 16:52:38 UTC
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
Which legal system do you prefer?
2007-05-03 17:51:49 UTC
Post by Nostradamus
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
Which legal system do you prefer?
Me, I'd like the legal system the US would have if reasonable minds
Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.
That's why stereo has two channels.
2007-05-04 14:11:37 UTC
Post by clifto
Post by Nostradamus
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
Which legal system do you prefer?
Me, I'd like the legal system the US would have if reasonable minds
and all the lawyers were removed from congress
2007-05-04 14:28:47 UTC
Post by clifto
Post by Nostradamus
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
Which legal system do you prefer?
Me, I'd like the legal system the US would have if reasonable minds
I like the UK system where a bond has to be put up. I am not totally
familiar with the overall process but a bond would take out some of the
harassing cases. Some suggest a "loser pays" type of system. I am not
sure one way or the other regarding that type of system.
Rev. Beergoggles
2007-05-04 14:55:40 UTC
Post by stinky
Post by clifto
Post by Nostradamus
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US
legal system.
Which legal system do you prefer?
Me, I'd like the legal system the US would have if reasonable minds
I like the UK system where a bond has to be put up. I am not totally
familiar with the overall process but a bond would take out some of
the harassing cases. Some suggest a "loser pays" type of system. I am
not sure one way or the other regarding that type of system.
Works the same in Canada, but there is a downside for those real cases
involving individuals vs. large organizations. Not sure exactly which
system I favor as both have faults.
Cameron L. Spitzer
2007-05-03 18:22:05 UTC
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
Not really. Despite what you may hear on right-wing talk
radio, these "outrageous judgement" frivolous suits are
news because they're so *rare*.
The *vast* majority of civil suits in the US, including
the frivolous ones, are corporation vs corporation, a
routine part of the quest to avoid true competition.
Man bites dog, news. Dog bites man, not news.

Lots of things wrong with the US legal system, but punitive
damage awards to women scalded by boiling-hot fast food coffee
are nowhere near the top of the list.
Let's start with *valid criticism* being actionable tortious
interference with a business. Or patenting stuff you found in nature.
Or slave labor in privatized prisons. Or eminent domain
to benefit politically connected private developers.

Post by stinky
2007-05-03 19:05:21 UTC
Post by Cameron L. Spitzer
Not really. Despite what you may hear on right-wing talk
radio, these "outrageous judgement" frivolous suits are
news because they're so *rare*.
Maybe that's true of the headline cases, but any small business owner whose
company is approaching a size where it becomes a worthwhile target for
lawsuits has to take that into account, he's a fool if he doesn't. I'd
worked for companies targetted by such lawsuits, without merit but filed
anyway because the lawyer knows he has a good chance of collecting a "go
away" fee. It's a simple formula, pay me ten grand to go away now or I'll
keep you in court for years and it will end up costing you ten times that
even if you win. I have seen it happen time and time again, companies with
no reasonable connection to a case are included in a lawsuit purely in the
expectation that they will buy their way out to avoid a lengthly and
expensive legal fight.

What happens when somebody slips and falls in a shopping mall? They sue
everyone: the mall owner, the janitorial company, the company that installed
the floor, all the stores including the one that just signed a lease and
hasn't moved in yet. Why? Not because all those folks were to blame, but
because most of them will settle rather than go to court forever.

Nine times out of ten when a small aircraft crashes the investigation rules
it was pilot error, yet eight and a half times out of ten the pilot's family
sues the aircraft manufacturer, which of course passes on the cost to its
customers. All companies do that, pass on the cost of lawsuits and
beefed-up legal protection and in the end it is us, consumers, who pay. So
it doesn't matter if insane $67-million cases are rare, there are more than
enough smaller cases that happen every day to have a real financial cost for
us all.
Chris U
2007-05-04 09:28:33 UTC
On Thu, 03 May 2007 19:05:21 GMT, "DGDevin"
Post by DGDevin
Post by Cameron L. Spitzer
Not really. Despite what you may hear on right-wing talk
radio, these "outrageous judgement" frivolous suits are
news because they're so *rare*.
Maybe that's true of the headline cases, but any small business owner whose
company is approaching a size where it becomes a worthwhile target for
lawsuits has to take that into account, he's a fool if he doesn't. I'd
worked for companies targetted by such lawsuits, without merit but filed
anyway because the lawyer knows he has a good chance of collecting a "go
away" fee. It's a simple formula, pay me ten grand to go away now or I'll
keep you in court for years and it will end up costing you ten times that
even if you win. I have seen it happen time and time again, companies with
no reasonable connection to a case are included in a lawsuit purely in the
expectation that they will buy their way out to avoid a lengthly and
expensive legal fight.
What happens when somebody slips and falls in a shopping mall? They sue
everyone: the mall owner, the janitorial company, the company that installed
the floor, all the stores including the one that just signed a lease and
hasn't moved in yet. Why? Not because all those folks were to blame, but
because most of them will settle rather than go to court forever.
Nine times out of ten when a small aircraft crashes the investigation rules
it was pilot error, yet eight and a half times out of ten the pilot's family
sues the aircraft manufacturer, which of course passes on the cost to its
customers. All companies do that, pass on the cost of lawsuits and
beefed-up legal protection and in the end it is us, consumers, who pay. So
it doesn't matter if insane $67-million cases are rare, there are more than
enough smaller cases that happen every day to have a real financial cost for
us all.
Very true, while there are also many dubious companies and
individuals who manage to bend/break the law or rules
governing them until enough people manage to get a major
consumer protection group to start gathering all the
evidence of malpractice.
2007-05-04 14:24:27 UTC
Post by DGDevin
Post by Cameron L. Spitzer
Not really. Despite what you may hear on right-wing talk
radio, these "outrageous judgement" frivolous suits are
news because they're so *rare*.
Maybe that's true of the headline cases, but any small business owner whose
company is approaching a size where it becomes a worthwhile target for
lawsuits has to take that into account, he's a fool if he doesn't. I'd
worked for companies targetted by such lawsuits, without merit but filed
anyway because the lawyer knows he has a good chance of collecting a "go
away" fee. It's a simple formula, pay me ten grand to go away now or I'll
keep you in court for years and it will end up costing you ten times that
even if you win. I have seen it happen time and time again, companies with
no reasonable connection to a case are included in a lawsuit purely in the
expectation that they will buy their way out to avoid a lengthly and
expensive legal fight.
I can second this statement. Many people's view of the small/medium
business world is skewed by their lack of knowledge of the threats that
go on.

Look at the number of times that those accused of spamming have called
the businesses of those that post in NANAE (when they can find out where
the posters work) just to threaten them and to get the poster in
trouble. Those threats have an implied "we will sue your company due to
your employee posing in NANAE"
Chris U
2007-05-04 09:21:54 UTC
On 3 May 2007 18:22:05 GMT, "Cameron L. Spitzer"
Post by Cameron L. Spitzer
Not really. Despite what you may hear on right-wing talk
radio, these "outrageous judgement" frivolous suits are
news because they're so *rare*.
The *vast* majority of civil suits in the US, including
the frivolous ones, are corporation vs corporation, a
routine part of the quest to avoid true competition.
Man bites dog, news. Dog bites man, not news.
There is a major spat in progress between my provider Virgin
Media and Sky at the moment.
Sky wanted to up the price for allowing VM to show Sky
channels while they somehow managed to get VM to cut the
costs of Sky showing VM controlled channels.

On the night the old agreement ran out VM TV users found
their screens went blank at midnight
VM hurriedly added a few crappy channels to fill the void.

Last I read it could well end up in the UK high courts with
a case built on monopoly issues.
2007-05-04 14:22:03 UTC
Post by Cameron L. Spitzer
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
Not really. Despite what you may hear on right-wing talk
radio, these "outrageous judgement" frivolous suits are
news because they're so *rare*.
I don't need a right-wing talk radio flunky to tell me that my insurance
rates go up due to lawsuits. I am not talking about outrageous judgments
alone, I am talking about the cost of the legal system, the wasted time,
the harassment, etc.
Post by Cameron L. Spitzer
The *vast* majority of civil suits in the US, including
the frivolous ones, are corporation vs corporation, a
routine part of the quest to avoid true competition.
Man bites dog, news. Dog bites man, not news.
It is corporation vs corporation that has the $$$$$ to fund lawyers to
bully their competition. It does have an effect on the consumer in
higher prices to pay for their legal armies.
Post by Cameron L. Spitzer
Lots of things wrong with the US legal system, but punitive
damage awards to women scalded by boiling-hot fast food coffee
are nowhere near the top of the list.
I am not talking about a woman who ordered coffee and won a judgement
against a corporation. I am talking about someone who is using the legal
system against individuals/smaller companies (not corporations) for
harassment purposes.

BTW - the coffee judgement was reduced from the original jury-awarded
amount. 2.9 mil to 640K and then finally the parties settled on a
confidential amount.

Post by Cameron L. Spitzer
Let's start with *valid criticism* being actionable tortious
interference with a business. Or patenting stuff you found in nature.
Or slave labor in privatized prisons. Or eminent domain
to benefit politically connected private developers.
When you get the money to get congress' attention let me know. I will
help you with these problems. That is the main problem here. The legal
system is run by money not by justice. Until that changes nothing will
fix the system.
Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz
2007-05-04 14:36:54 UTC
The *vast* majority of civil suits in the US, including the
frivolous ones, are corporation vs corporation,
Or corporation versus individual. Take the MPAA and RIAA - please!
Lots of things wrong with the US legal system, but punitive damage
awards to women scalded by boiling-hot fast food coffee
From a litigious corporation that had already been warned that it's
coffee was too hot and that had already paid out to other customers
injured by the coffee.
Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz, truly insane Spews puppet

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2007-05-04 18:23:56 UTC
Post by Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz
The *vast* majority of civil suits in the US, including the
frivolous ones, are corporation vs corporation,
Or corporation versus individual. Take the MPAA and RIAA - please!
Lots of things wrong with the US legal system, but punitive damage
awards to women scalded by boiling-hot fast food coffee
From a litigious corporation that had already been warned that it's
coffee was too hot and that had already paid out to other customers
injured by the coffee.
And the case was in Texas, that good old conservative state, not some
wussie place like the west coast.
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* Not Lumber Cartel Unit 75 [TINLC] *
* I am not SPEWS.ORG *
2007-05-04 23:30:36 UTC
Post by DLU
Post by Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz
The *vast* majority of civil suits in the US, including the
frivolous ones, are corporation vs corporation,
Or corporation versus individual. Take the MPAA and RIAA - please!
Lots of things wrong with the US legal system, but punitive damage
awards to women scalded by boiling-hot fast food coffee
From a litigious corporation that had already been warned that it's
coffee was too hot and that had already paid out to other customers
injured by the coffee.
And the case was in Texas, that good old conservative state, not some
wussie place like the west coast.
Wasn't _Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants_ a New Mexico case?
Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz
2007-05-10 03:27:57 UTC
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2007-05-03 18:29:46 UTC
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US legal
I hope there is a way that their lawyers can get this dismissed. The
owners offered the person who's pants they lost up to $12,000 which is
way more then they are worth.

This case needs to be dismissed, the person who is suing (who is the
lawyer defending himself) needs to be forced to pay their legal fees and
he really should be put in front of the bar for disbarment hearings.

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Taki Kogoma
2007-05-04 03:00:39 UTC
Post by Aries
Post by stinky
This is golden and goes to the core of what is wrong with the US
legal system.
I hope there is a way that their lawyers can get this dismissed. The
owners offered the person who's pants they lost up to $12,000 which is
way more then they are worth.
Maybe they were once jerked-off-in by billclinton?
Godwin is a net-nazi.
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If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs,
you are probably the one with the axe.
2007-05-10 04:16:38 UTC
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2007-05-10 06:24:10 UTC
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2007-05-10 05:11:02 UTC
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2007-05-10 06:04:48 UTC
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2007-05-10 09:18:11 UTC
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