[OT] Never hang up on a telemarketer
(too old to reply)
Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-08 18:36:42 UTC
I got called by a telemarketer recording 30 minutes ago, and was
invited to press 8 to be removed from their list and to press 9
for more information about their product. 8 would go against my
principles of not unsubscribing from something to which I had
not subscribed, so 9 seemed like the best choice. Naturally
I put the receiver down on the desk as I had no intention of
talking with them. But I turned up the volume on the radio
to make sure they continued to burn their telephone minutes
if they had any kind of automatic noise sensor.

After a while I noticed there were various tones and voices
coming out of the phone so I picked up. I heard people answering
their phone, first at various university offices from my area.
I first thought the call which Caller ID said was from Florida
might have been from inside a local university with ISDN used
to fake the caller id.

But then I noticed that I cannot talk to any of these people.
I can hear them answer, but they cannot hear me. It is possible
that they are hearing the telemarketer pitch, but their response
is more like they hear nothing on the line.

So my conclusion is that for at least one brand of telemarketing
machines my failure to hang up has prevent others from hearing the
telemarketer message. I think this is good, because although it
does not prevent people from being interrupted by a phone call,
it does prevent them from hearing the message and while the charge
for the call still goes to the telemarketer there is no chance that
any of the victims will violate whatever is the telephone equivalent
of the Boulder Pledge.

I suppose some time I might want to make a phone call, but for now
I can use the other line and folks who want to call me can use email.
Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-08 19:54:01 UTC
By the way, most of the numbers this telemarketer's machine
is reaching have a machine rather than a human :-)
pv+ (Paul Vader)
2004-12-08 20:30:57 UTC
Post by Larry Kilgallen
After a while I noticed there were various tones and voices
coming out of the phone so I picked up. I heard people answering
their phone, first at various university offices from my area.
I first thought the call which Caller ID said was from Florida
might have been from inside a local university with ISDN used
to fake the caller id.
Their predictive dialer must not have heard the 9 keypress, and thought
your call was uncompleted, and then stupidly left the monitoring piece open
on your line. I've heard of this before - pretty dumb design. *
* PV something like badgers--something like lizards--and something
like corkscrews.
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Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 17:29:23 UTC
Post by pv+ (Paul Vader)
Post by Larry Kilgallen
After a while I noticed there were various tones and voices
coming out of the phone so I picked up. I heard people answering
their phone, first at various university offices from my area.
I first thought the call which Caller ID said was from Florida
might have been from inside a local university with ISDN used
to fake the caller id.
Their predictive dialer must not have heard the 9 keypress, and thought
your call was uncompleted, and then stupidly left the monitoring piece open
on your line. I've heard of this before - pretty dumb design. *
Cmon Paul.. these are telescum. Not the most intelligent theives on the

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Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 19:06:00 UTC
your excuse?"

So Where are the Kennedys?

In a deeper sense, it is clear now that no one in the major media
was or is "protecting the Kennedys." The anti-Kennedy genre has
now become self-sustaining. Summers used the Collier and Horowitz
book for Goddess. He even uses Priscilla McMillan to connect JFK
with Monroe! (p. 244) Will Liz Smith call him on this? Will Ben
Bradlee? Far from "protecting the Kennedys" the establishment
shields these writers from potentially devastating critiques. The
reason being that the Kennedys were never part of that
establishment. No one protected JFK in Dallas. No one protected
RFK in Los Angeles. The ensuing investigations did everything
they could to protect the true murderers; to hell with the
victims. And since the Church Committee showed in public that the
Kennedys were not business as usual, there has been an intense
and incessant effort to reverse that verdict; in essence to
rewrite history. People like Slatzer, Davis, and now Hersh have
made their living off of it.

The Kennedys themselves deserve part of the blame. In Samuels'
article in The New Yorker, Kennedy family lawyer Myer Feldman
says that he advised the Kennedys not to even
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 18:20:42 UTC
Truitt called for
Angleton that night and found him at Bradlee's house (it's not
specified how she found out he was there). Angleton and Cicely
were there because the Bradlees had asked them to come over after
Mary's death. Once Truitt got Angleton on the phone, she told him
for the first time about Mary's wishes. At this point, the
Angletons, Tony Bradlee, and another (unnamed) person make a
search at Mary's home. Again, the diary is not there. The search
continued in the garage-studio (time not specified). In this
version, several papers and the diary are discovered. Tony
Bradlee gives it all to Angleton and asks him to burn it.

Angleton burns the papers only. He "safeguarded" the diary. Years
later, Tony asked for the diary. Angleton gave it to her. She
burned it, and the witness was Anne Truitt.

Ron Rosenbaum

The longest treatment of this whole affair was one of the
earliest. Ron Rosenbaum did a story for New Times in 1976. In his
version, the Angletons went to Mary's the day she died. When no
one answered, they entered the house. From her answering
service(!), they found out she was dead. They proceeded to the
Bradlees' home to make funeral arrangements. Later that night,
Jim Angleton returned to
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 20:42:46 UTC
According to his
own public estimate and boast before the American Enterprise Institute,
President Bush Jr. hired about 20 Straussians to occupy key positions in
his administration, intentionally taking offices where they could push
American foreign policy in favor of Israel and against its chosen
enemies such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians.10 Most of the
Straussian Neo-Cons in the Bush Jr. administration and elsewhere are
Israel-firsters: What is "good" for Israel is by definition "good" for
the United States. Dual loyalties indeed.11

In addition, it was the Chicago Straussian cabal of pro-Israeli Neo-Cons
who set up a special "intelligence" unit within the Pentagon that was
responsible for manufacturing many of the bald-faced lies, deceptions,
half-truths, and sheer propaganda that the Bush Jr. administration then
disseminated to the lap-dog U.S. news media12 in order to generate
public support for a war of aggression against Iraq for the benefit of
Israel and in order to steal Iraq's oil.13 To paraphrase advice
Machiavelli once rendered to his Prince in Chapter XVIII of that book:
Those who want to deceive will always find those willing to be
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 19:57:45 UTC
twenty and forty thousand. These
questions were even more intriguing in light of the fact that the
man chosen to run the military review of the massacre, General
Peers, had a long term relationship with the CIA. In fact, former
Special Forces Captain John McCarthy told me that-in terms of
closeness to the Agency-Peers was another Ed Lansdale.

By the time Hersh's second book on the subject appeared, the
suspicions about the massacre, and that Peers had directed a
cover up, were now multiplying. Hersh went out of his way to
address these questions in Cover Up. On pages 97-98 the following
passage appears:
There was no conspiracy to destroy the village of My Lai 4;
what took place there had happened before and would happen
again in Quang Ngai province-although with less drastic
results. The desire of Lieutenant Colonel Barker to mount
another successful, high enemy body-count operation in the
area; the desire of Ramsdell to demonstrate the
effectiveness of his operations; the belief shared
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 19:16:41 UTC
footnotes. So are people like Haspiel and Jeane Carmen. Carmen is
another late-surfacing intimate of Monroe. Carmen professes to
have been Monroe's roomie when she lived on Doheny Drive, before
she bought her famous home in Brentwood. She began circulating
her story after Slatzer did his bit. Of course, Marilyn's
neighbors at Doheny, and her other friends, don't recall her
(Spoto p. 472). But Summers welcomes her because she provides
sexy details about Marilyn's torrid romance with Bobby. A third
peg in Summers' edifice is Ralph de Toledano. Summers describes
him as a "Kennedy critic" in the paperback version of his book
(p. 453). This is like saying that Richard Helms once did some
work for the CIA. De Toledano was a former OSS officer who Bill
Donovan got rid of because he was too much of a rabid
anticommunist. After the war, he hooked up with professional Red
baiter Isaac Don Levine of the publication Plain Talk. Levine was
another spooky journalist whom Allen Dulles, while he was on the
Warren Commission, considered using to write incriminating
articles about Oswald (Peter Scott, Deep Politics and the Death
of JFK p. 55). Later on, de Toledano found a home at former CIA
officer and E. Howard Hunt pal Bill Buckley's National Review. If
one were to translate the Summers trio of Slatzer, Carmen, and de
Toledano to the JFK case, one could say that he wedded Ricky
White to Beverly Oliver and then brought in a journalist like,
say Hugh Aynesworth, to cinch his case. And the things Summers
leaves out are as important as what he puts in. For instance, he
omits the facts that her psychiatrist did not know the drugs that
her internist was prescribing; the weird nature and background of
her house servant Eunice Murray; and her pending reconciliation
with Joe DiMaggio which, of course, makes her "torrid romance"
with Bobby even more incredible. The reconciliation makes less
credible Summers
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 18:18:21 UTC
called "America first."

Or some other road less traveled
by the combat boot's sole
A shared security
A lesser role
on a road that may be harder

than one on which
we give all directions
but one where corporate interests
are tempered by dissention
and people come first.

It's not about Iraq
Saddam or the bomb
It's about McDonalds
versus the Imam
lucre or culture

Unilatateral Empire or
global democracy
"Liberating Iraq"?
Complete hypocrisy
Liberation by vulture.

On September 25, 1997, ABC used its news magazine program 20/20
to take an unusual journalistic step. In the first segment of the
program, Peter Jennings took pains to discredit documents that
had been about to be used by its own contracted reporter for an
upcoming show scheduled for broadcast. The contracted reporter
was Seymour Hersh. The documents purported to show a secret deal
involving Marilyn Monroe, Sam Giancana, and President John F.
Kennedy. They were to be the cornerstone of Hersh's upcoming
Little, Brown book, The Dark Side of Camelot. In fact, published
reports indicate that it was these documents that caused the
publisher to increase Hersh's advance and provoke three networks
to compete for a television special to hype the book. It is not
surprising to any informed observer that the documents imploded.
What is a bit surprising is that Hersh and ABC could have been so
naive for so long. And it is ironic that ABC should use 20/20 to
expose a phenomenon that it itself fueled twelve years ago.

What happened on September 25th was the most tangible
manifestation of three distinct yet overlapping journalistic
threads that have been furrowing into our culture since the
Church Committee disbanded in 1976. Hersh's book would have been
the apotheosis of all three threads converged into one book. In
the strictest sense, the convergent movements did n
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 18:04:28 UTC
method is by
performing minute surgery on the 1975 report. Davis states that
Allen Dulles briefed JFK on the plots at a November 27, 1960
meeting with the President-elect. He uses Deputy Director Dick
Bissell as his source for this disclosure (Davis, p. 289). I
turned to the committee report that dealt with Bissell's
assumptions on this matter (Alleged Assassination Plots p. 117).

Here is the testimony Davis relies on:
Bissell: I believe at some stage the President the President
and the President-elect both were advised that such an
operation had been planned and was being attempted.

Senator Baker: By whom?

Bissell: I would guess through some channel by Allen Dulles.

The Chairman: But you're guessing aren't you?

Bissell: I am, Mr. Chairman, and I have said that I cannot
recollect the giving of such briefing at the meeting with
the President in November....

Even thought Bissell does not remember any briefing at this
November meeting, Davis writes as if he does and uses h
2004-12-09 02:06:43 UTC
Post by Larry Kilgallen
So my conclusion is that for at least one brand of telemarketing
machines my failure to hang up has prevent others from hearing the
telemarketer message. I think this is good, because although it
does not prevent people from being interrupted by a phone call,
it does prevent them from hearing the message and while the charge
for the call still goes to the telemarketer there is no chance that
any of the victims will violate whatever is the telephone equivalent
of the Boulder Pledge.
I suppose some time I might want to make a phone call, but for now
I can use the other line and folks who want to call me can use email.
What phone number shows up? Some of us may want to do some further
in case of fire or homicidal computers, use stairs
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2004-12-09 07:01:40 UTC
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2004-12-09 08:50:12 UTC
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2004-12-09 09:48:55 UTC
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2004-12-09 08:07:55 UTC
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2004-12-09 10:14:49 UTC
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Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-09 07:56:18 UTC
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2004-12-09 10:04:40 UTC
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2004-12-09 07:22:16 UTC
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2004-12-09 10:37:44 UTC
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pv+ (Paul Vader)
2004-12-09 08:14:53 UTC
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Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-09 10:22:30 UTC
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Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-09 09:44:02 UTC
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Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-09 11:20:44 UTC
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Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-09 11:35:58 UTC
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2004-12-09 09:26:54 UTC
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Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-09 12:39:03 UTC
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Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-10 14:08:34 UTC
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Larry Kilgallen
2004-12-10 14:16:11 UTC
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Randolf Richardson
2004-12-09 16:59:36 UTC
Post by Larry Kilgallen
I got called by a telemarketer recording 30 minutes ago, and was
invited to press 8 to be removed from their list and to press 9
for more information about their product. 8 would go against my
principles of not unsubscribing from something to which I had
not subscribed, so 9 seemed like the best choice. Naturally
I put the receiver down on the desk as I had no intention of
talking with them. But I turned up the volume on the radio
to make sure they continued to burn their telephone minutes
if they had any kind of automatic noise sensor.

I suspect my telephone number got blacklisted by telemarketers a few
years ago because I was wasting too much of their time -- before setting the
telephone down for a long time, I told them something along the lines of:

- "Oh damnit! Something's leaking in the kitchen, just a minute,
okay?" (I'd also be swearing on the way to the kitchen to be more convincing
to the sucker waiting on hold.)

- "Hang on a for a minute, will you? The police just arrived at
the door." (Then I'd go to open the door and pretend to invite them in and
say things like "how can I help you officers?" and "oh, that sounds very
serious" and "yikes! Did you get them?" and "are they still on the run?")

Ever since pulling a few of these revenge-pranks, the telemarking calls
dropped off almost completely within a few weeks and remained that way for
years (they're just starting to pick up again slightly now though, so I might
have to try another "experiment").
Randolf Richardson, pro-active spam fighter - ***@8x.ca
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sending eMail to other SMTP servers is a privilege.
Martijn Lievaart
2004-12-11 12:53:53 UTC
Post by Randolf Richardson
Ever since pulling a few of these revenge-pranks, the telemarking calls
dropped off almost completely within a few weeks and remained that way for
years (they're just starting to pick up again slightly now though, so I might
have to try another "experiment").
"Oh, hello"
"Can I interest you in ....."

Long silence......

"What are you wearing today?"
"I beg you pardon?"
"Are you wearing knickers?"

Works every time.

Redundancy is a great way to introduce more single points of failure.
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 17:43:29 UTC
Post by Martijn Lievaart
Post by Randolf Richardson
Ever since pulling a few of these revenge-pranks, the telemarking calls
dropped off almost completely within a few weeks and remained that way for
years (they're just starting to pick up again slightly now though, so I might
have to try another "experiment").
"Oh, hello"
"Can I interest you in ....."
Long silence......
"What are you wearing today?"
"I beg you pardon?"
"Are you wearing knickers?"
Works every time.
Well.. if you can get an SO or friend to join in, here is one the
spousal-unit obliged me with:
<phone rings>

A86: "Hello?"
TM: "Good day Mr <resident telemarketing recipient>. How are you today?"
A86: "ummmm... what do you want?"
TM: " I am here to tell you about an exciting new <state the latest
telemarkeitng fad here>... and it is yours for a limited time!"
(At this time, the SU pipes in...)
SU: "What the hell are you buying now?"
A86: NOthing honey... Now, you were saying?"
(Now that I have their interest...)
TM: "This offer is good for a limted time. If you buy/join in now, you
SU: Stop! Get off the damn phone now! You know we cant afford anymore
A86: "But.. But honey... this..."
SU: "No! your last stunt set us back $2000.00!"
(Now.. by this time... there is a mix of both greed and concern on the
part of the TM that:
a) They are going to make a HUGE sale
b) They are about to here a murder, up close and personal
Sooo... lets set the hook!)
A86: "Please.. give me the details... HURRY!"
TM: Why certainly.. you simply have to..."
SU: "I said get off the ****ing phone you bastard! NOW!"
(Suddenly you hear the sounds of things being broken... cheap plates ina
trash can work well for this... Not to mention the sound of 'hand
hitting a face', or other body parts. NOTE: This is NOT to condone
spousal/domestic partner abuse. But it sure gets the TMs going in a

After a couple of minutes.. the TM is in a complete and utter daze! By
this time.. you hear muffled sounds of concern. Like they are speaking
to a supervisor. If you are REALLY persuasive, you hear a voice say
'Hang up! Shit!'

Agent x86
# "Don't fear the penguin!" #
# Registered Linux user: #309247 http://counter.li.org #
2004-12-11 23:23:08 UTC
Post by Joe Cipale
After a couple of minutes.. the TM is in a complete and utter daze! By
this time.. you hear muffled sounds of concern. Like they are speaking
to a supervisor. If you are REALLY persuasive, you hear a voice say
'Hang up! Shit!'
Make a recording, have it standing by for such emergencies.

Or get a friend who sounds arabic to help make one about terrorists
discussing blowing up a building (which happens to house a TM boilershop).
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 17:19:25 UTC
in his book( pp. 298-99). As
I noted in the last issue, with Demaris and Exner, the Kennedys
are no different than Giancana. And once this is pounded home,
then anything is possible. Maybe Oswald did work for Giancana.
And if RFK was working with Sam, then maybe Bobby unwittingly had
his brother killed. Tragic, but hey, if you play with fire you
get burned. Tsk. Tsk.

But beyond this, there is an even larger gestalt. If the Kennedys
were just Sorenson-wrapped mobsters or CIA officers, then what
difference does it make in history if they were assassinated? The
only people who should care are sentimental Camelot sops like
O'Donnell and Powers who were in it for a buck anyway. Why waste
the time and effort of a new investigation on that. For the CIA,
this is as good as a rerun of the Warren Commission, since the
net results are quite similar. So its no surprise to me that the
focus of Hersh's book has shifted between Oswald did it for the
Mob, and an all out trashing of the Kennedys.

The standard defense by these purveyors is that they go on the
offense. Anyone who objects to their peculiar blend of
misinformation, or questions their sources or intent is labeled
as "protecting the Kennedys," or a "disappointed Kennedy fan," or
a "hagiographer." Tactically, this is a great cover to avoid the
questionable credibility of people like the Alsops, Priscilla
Johnson McMillan, or a flimflam man like Slatzer. It also avoids
acknowledging their descent into the ranks of Hoover and
Angleton. When Summers' book on Hoover came out, wh
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 18:17:03 UTC

Exner's 1997 Version

I hope Exner sued her doctor, because ten years later she's still
with us. She now turns up in the pages of the January 1997 Vanity
Fair which, unembarrassed, again bills her as "facing her death."

This time she was teamed with another questionable expert on
Kennedy's Cuba policy - Hollywood gossip columnist Liz Smith. And
evidently, the previous fear of death wasn't enough to squeeze
the whole story out of her. She still has a few goodies to add.

The choice of Smith in 1997 is as revealing as Demaris in 1977
and Kelley in 1988. Smith writes for the New York Post, which is
literally a tabloid in both format and approach. Like Kelley,
Smith is a big fan of Sy Hersh. In fact, her column has released
several "teaser" items about his upcoming book. In the past she
has also flacked for Tony Summers. What do those two writers have
that other Kennedy researchers, say John Newman, do not? They
have both pushed the angle that the Kennedys were somehow
involved with the death of Marilyn Monroe. Smith dutifully
mentions both authors in her Vanity Fair piece and writes, as
fact, that RFK was at Marilyn's the day she died. Exner herself
claims that Summers has offered to supply a ne
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 17:10:46 UTC
public support for a war of aggression against Iraq for the benefit of
Israel and in order to steal Iraq's oil.13 To paraphrase advice
Machiavelli once rendered to his Prince in Chapter XVIII of that book:
Those who want to deceive will always find those willing to be
deceived.14 As I can attest from my personal experience as an alumnus of
the University of Chicago Department of Political Science, the Bible of
Chicago's Neo-Con Straussian cabal is Machiavelli's The Prince. We
students had to know our Machiavelli by heart and rote at the University
of Chicago. As for the University of Chicago overall, its biblical
Gospel is Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind (1987).15 Of
course Bloom was another protégé of Strauss, as well as a mentor to
Wolfowitz. In his Bloom-biographical novel Ravelstein (2000) Saul
Bellow, formerly on the University of Chicago Faculty, outed his
self-styled friend Bloom as a hedonist, pederast, and most promiscuous
homosexual who died of AIDS. All this was common knowledge at the
University of Chicago, where Bloom is still worshiped and his elitist
screed against American higher-education still revered on a pedestal. In
Ravelstein Wolfowitz appeared as Bl
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 19:49:52 UTC
peculiar cottage industry. But around the time of
Watergate and the Church Committee it was given a lift, and going
back to a 1964 paradigm, it combined elements of the first two
movements into a Gothic (some would say grotesque) right-wing
propaganda tract which is both humorous and depressing in its
slanderous implications, and almost frightening in its political
and cultural overtones. Egged on by advocates of Judith Exner
(e.g. Liz Smith and Tony Summers), this political and cultural
time bomb landed in Sy Hersh's and ABC's lap. When it blew up,
all parties went into a damage control mode, pointing their
fingers at each other. As we examine the sorry history of all
three industries, we shall see that there is plenty of blame (and
shame) to be shared. And not just in 1997.

As we saw in Part One of this article, as the Church Committee
was preparing to make its report, the Exner and then Mary Meyer
Joe Cipale
2004-12-11 20:55:47 UTC
the Kennedys to
fear, and its clear she doesn't give a damn about them.

But for those still skeptical, she adds the other (clinching)
reason for breaking the silence: her doctor told her she had
terminal cancer and she had only 36 months to live. The article
ends in a crescendo that would move even the world weary Claude
Now that I know I'm dying and nothing more can happen to me,
I want to be completely honest. I don't think I should have
to die with the secret of what I did for Jack Kennedy, or
what he did with the power of his presidency. I feel that I
am finally free of the past.

Exner's 1997 Version

I hope Exner sued her doctor, because ten years later she's still
with us. She now turns up in the pages of the January 1997 Vanity
Fair which, unembarrassed, again bills her as "facing her death."

This time she was teamed with another questionable expert on
Kennedy's Cuba policy - Hollywood gossip columnist Liz Smith. And
evidently, the previous fear of death wasn't enough to squeeze
the whole story out of her. She still has a few goodies to add.

The choice of Smith in 1997 is as revealing as Demaris in 1977
and Kelley in 1988. Smith writes for the New York Post, which is
literally a tabloid in both format and approach. Like Kelley,
Smith is a big fan of Sy Hersh. In fact, her column has released
several "teaser" items about his upcoming book. In the past she
has also flacked for Tony Summers. What do those two writers have
that other Kennedy researchers, say John Newman, do not? They
have both pushed the angle that the Kennedys were somehow
involved with the death of Marilyn Monroe. Smith dutifully
mentions both authors in her Vanity Fair piece and writes, as
fact, that RFK was at Marilyn's the day she di
Martijn Lievaart
2004-12-11 19:56:53 UTC
As Nobile must have known, his live-in girlfriend at the time was
Kay Graham's daughter. It is odd that Rosenbaum would choose to
write on such a controversial subject with someone who seems to
be such a friend to the Post. Related to that, in his 1991
reflections on the 1976 article, and in the article itself, he
tries to insinuate that these people - Bradlee, the Truitts, the
Angletons - are actually friends of Kennedy. In addition,
Rosenbaum and others never seemed to ask why those involved all
seemed so eager to violate Mary's privacy by reading the diary.

In no version I have read was that ever part of Mary's
instructions. And Angleton, the man who the Truitts seem to side
with against Bradlee, supposedly went through them like an

The Truitts' trust for and seeming loyalty to the Angletons is
particularly interesting. In Rosenbaum's 1976 piece, the
following passage appears:
The Truitts were still in Tokyo when they received word of
the towpath murder, and the responsibility for the diary was
communicated to their mutual friend James Angleton through
still uncertain channels.

With the quiet skill of a cardsharp, Rosenbaum avoids an
important detail. Namely, how the Truitts found out about Mary's
death in the middle of the night halfway around the world.

Someone must have either called or wired them. Why is this matter
never addressed in any version? The logical choice as contacts
would be the Angletons. This is apparently off limits for Ron. If
he drew attention to his lack of curiosity on this matter, it
would hint that something is being papered over in order to
conceal a point.

If that were so, then a prev
Martijn Lievaart
2004-12-11 19:00:48 UTC
against Iraq.56 The Gangster Theory of international law:
U.S. might is right. Or as President Bush Sr. quaintly put it concerning
his Gulf War I: ". . .what we say goes." The Bush Family's New World
Order.57 Hitler only envisioned a "New Order" for Europe. Not
surprisingly, Bush Jr.'s grandfather Prescott Herbert Bush had supported
and facilitated the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany.58
Bush Family values at work. Sadistic Bush Family executions in Florida
and Texas by Jeb and Bush Jr. as well.

In any event, both the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact and the United Nations
Charter are still solemn and binding "treaties" to which the United
States of America is a contracting party and thus "the supreme Law of
the Land" according to Article VI of the U.S. Constitution. At the
Nuremberg prosecution, the gist of the charge against the Nazi leaders
for committing a Crime against Peace was based upon their wanton
violation of the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact, to which Germany was a
party. Several Nazi leaders were later condemned and hanged at Nuremberg
for violating the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact. In other words, the
governments of the United States and the United Kingdom hanged Nazis at
Nuremberg for engaging in the same type of reprehensible behavior that
Bush Jr. and Blair did against Iraq. To be sure, I personally oppose the
imposition of the death penalty upon any person for any reason, no
matter how monstrous their crimes might be -- including Bush Jr., Blair,
Bush Sr., McNamara, Kissinger,59 Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic,60
Sharon, etc. So much for the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact being
conveniently categorized as a "phantasm" and Nuremberg being
pejoratively labeled as "soft law" by imperialist American international
lawyers and professors. Dead Nazis at Nuremberg disproved those
propositions. Since that time, the Nuremberg Charter, Judgment and
Principles have served as the legal core of, and precedent for
establishing, the International Criminal Tri
Martijn Lievaart
2004-12-11 20:18:24 UTC
was a brilliant tactical
stroke that was not appreciated until much later. First, it put
the focus on the plots against foreign leaders that could be
explained as excesses of anti-communist zealotry (which is
precisely what the drafters of Church's report did). Second, all
probes into the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK would be off-
limits. The Church Committee would now concentrate on the
performance of the intelligence community in investigating the
death of JFK; not complicity in the assassination itself. This
distinction was crucial. As Colby must have understood, the
Agency and its allies could ride out exposure of plots against
Marxists and villains like Castro, Patrice Lumumba of the Congo
and Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic. The exposure of
domestic plots against political leaders would have been lethal.

Colby's gambit, plus the strictures put on the investigation as
outlined by Marchetti above, enabled the intelligence community
to ride out the storm. The path chosen for limited exposure was
quite clever. The most documentation given up by the CIA was on
the Castro assassination plots. Further, the Agency decided to
give up many documents on both the employment of the Mafia to
kill Fidel, and the AM/LASH plots, that is, the enlistment of a
Cuban national close to Castro to try and kill him. Again, not
enough credit has been given to the wisdom of these choices. In
intelligence parlance, there is a familiar phrase: muddying the
waters. This means that by confusing and confounding the listener
with diverse and prolific amounts of info
Randolf Richardson
2004-12-10 16:29:05 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:19:54 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:20:12 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:20:19 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:20:21 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:20:32 UTC
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Randolf Richardson
2004-12-10 18:40:07 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:21:23 UTC
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2004-12-10 18:47:10 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:28:57 UTC
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2004-12-09 19:29:17 UTC
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