(too old to reply)
2004-12-11 18:22:31 UTC
possible to
sabotage the International Criminal Court (ICC) precisely because they
were then currently planning, preparing and conspiring to commit
criminal wars of aggression around the world. The highest level civilian
officials of the Bush Jr. administration did not want the International
Criminal Court looking over their shoulders while they were committing
wanton aggression, crimes against humanity, and war crimes against the
Peoples and States of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and
elsewhere. The Bush Jr. Leaguers concerted sabotaging of the ICC is what
criminal lawyers call an example of their "consciousness of guilt." Iraq
for the Iraqis Foreign troops should stay out of Iraq for any reason
whatsoever at the behest of the Bush Jr. administration. Otherwise, they
too will become legitimate targets of attack from an Iraqi resistance
movement to foreign occupation forces that are actively aiding and
abetting the U.S./U.K. criminal war of aggression against Iraq for oil
and Israel, which was in violation of the United Nations Charter and the
Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact as well as the Nuremberg Charter, Judgment and
Principles - a Crime against Peace. Iraq should immediately be placed
under the direct control and supervision of a United Nations Trusteeship
under Chapter XII of the U.N. Charter. A real and independent United
Nations Peacekeeping Force should be deployed to Iraq under the auspices
of the U.N. General Assembly (not the U.S. co-opted U.N. Security
Council) pursuant to its powers under the Uniting for Peace Resolution
(1950). The U.S. and U.K. aggressor military occupation forces should be
removed immediately from Iraq. This is exactly what happened in the 1956
Middle East "war" when the U.N. General Assembly deployed the
Robert Cook
2004-12-11 18:28:19 UTC
and few resentments more public than the one
between Bissell and Helms, who resented his boss because Bissell
kept him out of the loop on some operations. Helms, according to
Evan Thomas' The Very Best Men, was happy to see the Bay of Pigs
capsize because it meant Bissell would be out and that Helms
would move up ( p. 268). So, to most objective readers, if Helms
has now switched to endorsing Bissell, there must be some
extenuating circumstances involved. There are, and again, Davis
does not tell the reader about them. As the Inspector General's
report tells us, when Dulles and Bissell began cleaning out their
desks, a new team took over the Castro plots, namely Bill Harvey
and Ted Shackley. The man they reported to was Helms, the highest
link in the chain (Alleged Assassination Plots pp. 148-153). In
other words, the alchemy of John Davis with Bissell helps get
Helms off the hook for responsibility for the continuing
unauthorized plots. And Helms needs all the help he can get. When
John McCone (Kennedy's replacement CIA Director) expressly
forbade any assassination plots, Helms said he couldn't remember
the meeting (Ibid, p. 166). When evidence was advanced that, in
direct opposition to Bobby's wishes, Helms continued the Castro
plots and allowed an operative to use RFK's name in doing so,
Helms said he didn't remember doing that either (Ibid p. 174). On
the day that RFK met with CIA officials to make it clear there
would be no more unauthorized plots against Castro, Kennedy's
calendar reads as follows: "1:00-Richard Helms." Helms could not
recall the meeting (Ibid p. 131). With this much to explain away,
Helms must have poured coffee for Davis the day they met.

But Davis is not done. He also writes the following:
Kennedy also met on April 20 with the Cuban national
involved in the unsuccessful underworld Castro assassination
plot, a meeting that was n
2004-12-28 18:50:24 UTC
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What doesn't Hakim rent jointly?

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2004-12-28 20:42:25 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:29:17 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:04:00 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 19:58:56 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:01:12 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:36:51 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:09:37 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:44:09 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:45:36 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:29:29 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:00:03 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:19:02 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:46:16 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:22:21 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:32:43 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:22:43 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:54:55 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:41:28 UTC
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2004-12-28 18:59:51 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 19:15:41 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 19:14:22 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:16:50 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:05:47 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:32:25 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:23:10 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:33:16 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:23:33 UTC
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2004-12-28 18:45:25 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:17:18 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:30:35 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:46:43 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:06:51 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:36:51 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:17:27 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:05:17 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:32:56 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:45:53 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:03:53 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:02:46 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:14:03 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:57:07 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:44:02 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:12:39 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:34:10 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 19:13:20 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 18:36:41 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:34:42 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:10:49 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:36:49 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:07:14 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:41:58 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:00:40 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:31:05 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:25:52 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:25:01 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 19:36:39 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:28:50 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 19:25:29 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:57:53 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:08:14 UTC
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2004-12-28 23:11:46 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:14:32 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 19:56:32 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:29:36 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:34:14 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:22:52 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:27:43 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:23:35 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:00:52 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:24:40 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:33:59 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:19:48 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 22:35:31 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 20:30:17 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:49:26 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 22:05:32 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:55:58 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 22:49:24 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 23:26:39 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:11:59 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 22:46:46 UTC
Let's change next to the slight geographys, but don't spit the
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2004-12-28 20:17:44 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:27:44 UTC
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2004-12-29 00:06:35 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 21:52:17 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:25:42 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:45:29 UTC
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Robert Cook
2004-12-28 22:46:13 UTC
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2004-12-28 23:25:52 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:49:00 UTC
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2004-12-29 00:18:29 UTC
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2004-12-29 00:09:40 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:50:05 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:51:36 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:15:49 UTC
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2004-12-29 01:06:12 UTC
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